Feb. 6th, 2017

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They had been exchanging bodies for some time; jumping in and out of each other's lives from the other side of the country. It was unpredictable; sometimes they would go weeks without switching, sometimes they would switch multiple times a week. Inevitably, they made plans to meet each other. Eventually, they fell in love.

At first, they had the perfect relationship, and wanted for nothing. But for some reason, now that they were sharing the same space, whatever caused them to switch was no longer happening. They couldn't inhabit each other, be each other, like they used to. And no matter how close they were, they couldn't help missing the way things had been. They began to drift apart, and finally they separated.

A few years passed. The woman had found a new SO, and the two of them had started living together. The man had found someone too, and the two of them had begun to raise a family. They still kept up on each other's lives... in their situation, there was no way not to... and they would regularly visit each other. Over time, they became familiar faces in each other's households.

And for the primary partners of this young couple, these visits by the "other half" were warmly welcomed. For while they shared their day-to-day life with only one body, they had fallen in love with two souls.


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