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The human need for games, the human need for systems.

I feel like the system metaphor could explain a lot about video games; and why I still love to watch people play games, and still consider myself a part of that culture, in spite of almost never buying games for myself or playing games at home. When I visit an arcade, I feel like a part of a shared mythological culture. It's a complete system, inside of which players share a common language and identity. By stepping in front of the game machine, I'm not just consuming entertainment as an individual, I'm entering into a collective consciousness.

There's still a lot of power in games. They're not something I want to see cynically exploited; crushed into nostalgia, or worse, status jockeying. And when video game culture celebrates artists who hold their audience in contempt, or delight in causing harm, I feel like it's moving in a disturbing direction.

I still like to think that there are some good ideas wrapped up in the memeplex of "political incorrectness" that artists can use to make their art better. But I'm naive, and not used to the present day definition of "alt-right" as people with a fascination for fascism. The right-wingers I've known at least had a genuine interest in being free, in anti-censorship and freedom of expression. And while they may have held some hateful beliefs, they didn't define themselves by who they hated.

And sometimes, the struggle against fascism has led in destructive and counterproductive directions. I don't want that history to repeat itself. Maybe fists have to fly to nip something evil in the bud. But in the long run, I want to see evil dry up from lack of interest.

And when something doesn't feel right, I hope I have the courage to be a bad anarchist, or a bad anything else.

Date: 2017-02-09 08:09 am (UTC)
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That's a really good essay about the game >_> and a very good point about the antifas. I'm personally afraid that by escalating the situation to violence, they've going to get us all killed. There should be no shame in being subject to violence or arrested while protesting, but I kind of feel like the people who advocate "punching Nazis" don't mind sacrificing every Water Protector at Standing Rock if it means they get to assert their manhood. You know?

I also like the point about the culture surrounding games. It's a thing that I've learned to look for, and that's helped me avoid things like the "PC gaming" scene.

Is that your Tumblr?

Date: 2017-02-09 11:25 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] jewelfox

That is definitely a valid point also. >_>

I saw that Tumblr's author reblogging a thing about how privileged people who stand up to Nazis help make things safe for everyone else, and how they back down quickly because they're cowards. But a lot of people are assuming that the only way (or the most effective way) to stand up to them is to punch them. We're ignoring the lessons learned from decades of successful nonviolent resistance, all for the sake of what's basically a meme.

I'm not concerned about respectability per se, I just thought violence was supposed to be a last resort? And that there are reasons why this is so???

When activists endorse toxic masculinity, I can't help but wonder whether or not they're collaborators. Because nothing erodes a movement faster.


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