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Nerima ward, northwestern Tokyo. Note the Vietnamese sign in the second picture. Coconuts Disk was like a tiki room from Mars, complete with space rock soundtrack; I'll let the other store speak for itself.

Nighttime shopping mall in East Shinjuku.

Some views from the Tokyo Skytree. I bought a ticket to go all the way to the top level, but it wasn't really that much better than the regular observation deck. I might have been more excited if I was an Attack on Titan fan, since they had some sort of tie-in going on at the time, which included AoT merchandise and themed music on the top floor and a short "Attack on Skytree" animation clip on the elevator up.

Asakusa and the Sumida River/Tokyo Skytree at night.

Entering Takeshita-dori, the most popular street in Harajuku.

Eye-catching shopping mall exterior in Harajuku. A tunnel of mirrors extending up three floors of escalators.

Fashionable shopping in Omotesando. I never did find out what those television screens were for.

Underground "Marche" shopping street in a subway station. Actual French baguettes were sold there; an amazing find in Tokyo, and one of the few times I could eat bread in Japan.

A few shots around Roppongi-dori. The rock garden is from a nearby university; the mural at night is to commemorate a local women's college.

Walking around Meiji Jingu and the neighboring Yoyogi Park, the latter being probably the biggest open green space in Tokyo. Yoyogi Park is also home to a stadium, the offices of the NHK broadcasting company, and some funky murals that speak to Yoyogi's wilder days as a weekend free concert and outdoor party destination. As the sign suggests, you can't have that kind of fun now. Shoganai.

One area of the park seemed to be set aside as a place to be homeless in, and contained a small village of tents just off the paved path. I saw a few of its residents crushing cans, drinking tea, and talking by a fire. And I noticed a painter's easel inside one of the more elaborate tents, which was decorated with small statues and wooden sculptures, plants, a potted fern hanging above the entrance, and more potted plants inside.

Assorted shots around Yoyogi/Harajuku. These cranes are building a new sports stadium; maybe for 2020?

A few shots of Shinjuku Gyoen, a mix of formal Japanese garden and urban park space. I got there too late in the day to see it all (it's only open until 5PM), but it felt more thematic than Yoyogi Park, with a lot of different sub-areas to explore. One of my favorite restaurants in Tokyo, Kiboko Slow Food & Wine, is near the north entrance.

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