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My Internet has been randomly cutting in and out for the last few weeks. It finally stopped when I changed the position of our router; it had been on the floor, underneath a desk. Once I placed it on top of the desk, everything started working properly. Maybe that's because it has a direct line of travel from the desk to the living room window to the window of my room? The router was in my room when we had DSL, and maybe that's why I never experienced this problem before.

Some views of and from Tokyo Tower. I had a better experience here than at Tokyo Skytree, partly because I went at night... I can see why it's considered a good place for couples. Less crowding, no horrible lines, and they actually had a bit of vegan food in their food court, something I can't say of the newer and pricier Skytree.

Odaiba, an artificial island on Tokyo Bay, is a popular weekend destination for locals. I didn't make it to Tokyo Big Sight (the inverted pyramid structure where Comiket is held), but the beautiful seaside, oddball architecture, and surreal light shows at night, along with Oedo Onsen Monogatari (a bathhouse/theme park built over a natural hot spring), made it worth the trip. The faux-European Venus Fort shopping complex had a vintage-car museum made up to look like an old Italian village.

Re:Birth, an after-party for a weekend festival, was my third and last all-night event in Tokyo. Having enjoyed a nighttime bath, then taking a late train from Odaiba back to Shibuya and wandering (as always) until I found the club, I didn't get there until nearly 2AM. I found the main floor a bit too aggressive, and spent most of the time dancing to groovier sounds at the upstairs bar. Two white guys DJed funky house and nu-disco, followed by someone playing mid-tempo IDM with a laptop and some noise boxes, and Ree.K finished the night with a set of cool and subtle techno.

The very cool Aoyama Technical College building was a random find while wandering home after the party; I'd heard of it before, but hadn't been looking for it. Tokyo is neat that way.

Kabukicho, a famous entertainment district of Shinjuku. Supposedly one of the areas of Tokyo, along with Roppongi, where you can get harassed by touts, but that never happened to me despite multiple visits to both. Maybe because I look young, and not like the kind of person that would be interested in shady bars in the first place? Anyway, the night I took this, I went out to see Yoake Tsugeru Lu No Uta, an anime by Masaaki Yuasa. The dialogue was simple enough that I could understand most of it, but while it was beautifully animated, I found it a little mind-numbing.

Malibu... I mean, Kamakura.

I spent the day wandering around the city and seaside of Kamakura, and before I knew it, the day was gone and I hadn't seen any of the tourist landmarks. That's fine; getting lost is its own reward.

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