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The laziest travel blog ever comes to a close!

Science university in Katsushika, northeast Tokyo.

Normal life in Katsushika. The river at sunset was extremely pretty, but you'll have to take my word for it~

Tubu Tubu, another great vegan restaurant in Shinjuku.

Todoroki, the only valley in Tokyo. Located in the southwest part of the city near Meguro ward, it's an extremely relaxing walk with its cool, humid air, old bridges and wooden walkways, and traditional shrines and temple. Note that the only toilet is Japanese-style, and watch out for mosquitoes!

Nikko town and river, two hour's train ride north of Tokyo.

This was my last day before leaving the country, and I didn't learn until after I arrived that the last train FROM Nikko left at around 7:30 in the evening. So I had to budget my time carefully if I wanted to see the natural sights I came for. Next time, I would probably stay overnight and explore the region a bit more thoroughly.

The Senjougahara marshlands, Nikko. It started out very sparse, flat, and brown, reminding me of Southern California hiking trails; very gradually, it thickened and changed color, going through orange and red, until I was in a lush green forest.

Above the marshlands is Lake Yunoko and a large waterfall. I knew I was on the right path when I saw this:

...I made it! ^_^ So beautiful, so... sulfuric, as you get closer to the hot springs. On the other side of the lake, around said hot springs, there's an onsen resort, which would've felt great to soak in but there just wasn't time. While waiting for the bus back to the train station, I met an older woman from Florida, originally Venezuela, who'd taken up travelling as a lifestyle. We talked for a while on the bus, mostly about her experiences in different Asian countries and her problems with Hugo Chavez.

Return flight out of Narita, sun setting over the clouds as Beck's Guero played on the media player. 5PM in Tokyo when I left, 11AM arrival in Los Angeles the same day. Travelling from one daylight to another.
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