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Explaining myself seems like an attempt at doing violence to other's truths.

I don't want to destroy the me that exists in you; I want it to live. Let's feed and water our bad impressions, so that they can grow into something that surprises both of us.
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I'm curious about how religion and spirituality will fit into a transhumanist culture. What sort of new compatibilities, and incompatibilities, will arise as biological conventions lessen their grip on us and we start to patch our factory-presets?

I suspect that beliefs like the kami of Shinto religion will be a better fit than monotheism, but that could just be my aesthetic bias speaking. When it comes to religious or even spiritual views, I'm decidely apathetic. The closest thing I feel to a religious calling is the call to innovate, to add some new kind of information to the universe. Repetition, superfluity, and homogenization seem like sins against that aim. In that light, art seems like a religion, and organized religion seems like blasphemy.

I can say that I identify with catgirls (catboys to some extent are fine too), snake-people, space aliens. These are tools, colors for the canvas. Humanity is also a tool. I like to think of identity as something used for a purpose, and not something that's important in itself.

The one thing I really liked about Conan The Barbarian was his prayer to Crom. Screw "mysterious ways". If it works, it works, and if doesn't, to hell with it.
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These are my parting words to you: those who give up are doomed! - Anna, Phantasy Star 2

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