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Maybe one reason why the subject of telepathy fascinates us is that it's a stylized version of what our brains already do. The cool thing about being a mind-modeling species is that we get to carry around pieces of lives with us, and those could be the lives around us or simulations of other kinds of lives. For some of us, that door opens to other worlds. That's probably a special, more abstracted case of simulation, but I don't think that abstractions necessarily have less value.

One of the things that attracts me to online journals, and to the idea of keeping a "weirdness log", is the idea that inward journeys don't have to be entirely solipsistic, or removed from a social context; that the experience can be shared, at least in part, with other flesh-people. I like meeting someone and, over time, getting to meet the people in that someone. It's a form of interaction that modern society doesn't often have a place for, and that's a role that I see furry and anime subcultures (to name a couple of subcultures) filling.

Some former friends and friends-of-friends who were very into the identity-play aspect of furry started a commune in the Pacific Northwest; apparently a large one, or at least one where a large cast of characters rotates in and out. I'm not in that loop, so the details are, no pun intended, fuzzy; but the idea strongly appeals to me. A big part of why I'm drawn to the idea of living in a communal situation, besides shared physical resources and collaborating with complementary talents, is developing around a shared sense of more-than-personhood. And while I wouldn't be compatible with that particular commune for several reasons, I think it's a lifestyle goal worth keeping in mind.

There are different ways to foster the kind of fierce empathic connections and shared inner symbolic worlds that I crave, but at least one way of getting there is through the sexualized parts of fandom. It's sometimes jokingly said that BDSM is for nerds; I don't know if that's entirely accurate, but it makes sense that nerd subcultures and kink would share a particular kind of affinity for symbolic connection. I go through cycles of using F-list a lot; partly as a substitute for getting laid, but also as a way to get the imagination laid, to mutually create elaborate scenarios of otherness. There's a real value in "safe spaces" where you can leave your society-assigned self behind. I suspect that a desire to have, and give, that sense of safety is responsible for many of my kinks... it seems to be an important part of my sexuality, and my sociality.
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I'm curious about how religion and spirituality will fit into a transhumanist culture. What sort of new compatibilities, and incompatibilities, will arise as biological conventions lessen their grip on us and we start to patch our factory-presets?

I suspect that beliefs like the kami of Shinto religion will be a better fit than monotheism, but that could just be my aesthetic bias speaking. When it comes to religious or even spiritual views, I'm decidely apathetic. The closest thing I feel to a religious calling is the call to innovate, to add some new kind of information to the universe. Repetition, superfluity, and homogenization seem like sins against that aim. In that light, art seems like a religion, and organized religion seems like blasphemy.

I can say that I identify with catgirls (catboys to some extent are fine too), snake-people, space aliens. These are tools, colors for the canvas. Humanity is also a tool. I like to think of identity as something used for a purpose, and not something that's important in itself.

The one thing I really liked about Conan The Barbarian was his prayer to Crom. Screw "mysterious ways". If it works, it works, and if doesn't, to hell with it.


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