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Imagination, identity play, the relationship between technology and magic.

Primarily a space for introspection; lately a little more political.

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a well fed world, abolition of punishment, absurdly large parfaits, alex rivera, ambient techno, ambient trance, anarcho-transhumanism, anti-conservatism, anti-vivisection, apichatpong weerasethakul, arcologies, armored trooper votoms, arpeggios, battle angel alita, chiptunes, cities, clipping through scenery, consensual alien abduction, cosplay, cute gangs doing cute things, david lynch, demisexuality, detroit techno, dj zyron, dream logic, dreaming, drone, drones, evidence based medicine, food for life, fritz haber, futurism, genetic engineering, goa trance, graham wood, green technology, hard femme, hypnotic scripts, imajica, industrialization, interstellar feudal dynasties, iyashikei, jacques tati, jupiter ascending, koenji, koji morimoto, kunihiko ikuhara, language barriers, laura agustin, left-market anarchism, low-polygon 3d, ltj bukem, magician lord, marshlands, mawaru penguindrum, metal slug, military dismantlement, mori girls, multiplicity, nightbreed, non-binary, non-binary representation, non-cynical skepticism, norman borlaug, palestine, palestinian animal league, peter chung, phantasy star, phenix rie, post-industrialization, pro-civilization, pro-gmo, pro-transhumanist, proto-trance, queer singularity, rave culture, rectify, recurrence, relative sobriety, running around in dark rooms, scanlations, sentiocentrism, shigeru mizuki, soulbonds, space, space age aesthetics, stem cells, suomisaundi, suspension of disbelief, synth-pop, takashi nakamura, technological animism, the cold lands, the infinity project, thorium reactors, train travel, tulpas, underworld, utena, vegan politics, veganism, video arcades, walls of sound, wandering in cities, waterfalls, xenofeminism, yuri, 日本語
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